Helga is a gifted practitioner of the healing arts. She is capable of reaching into depths, not readily accessed, to uncover the inner energetic sources of an ailment whereupon she is able to guide and facilitate in their release.
The resources that she brings forth are nothing less than remarkable. She is a very special lady.

Terry M., Salt Spring Island

I have always been open to learning about and accessing tools for self help and had what I thought was an idea of the benefits of energy work and what exactly it was. I have discovered it is so much more. Working with Helga has been an emotional and spiritual growth experience for me. Insights have been presented to me where what I was thinking were my painful challenges shifted to a deeper gentler view. I have and am still learning to surrender to what I am feeling and allow myself to release blocks. I now have a physical sense of the energy in my body actually moving so that when I have a session with Helga I am able to put into words now what I need. I am profoundly grateful for Helga's genuinely compassionate, mindful, insightful approach in her work with me.

S. S., Salt Spring Island

I have experienced about 7 or 8 sessions with Helga for physical, spiritual and emotional work. I have experienced quite a number of healers and different healing modalities, I am fortunate to live in an area rich in possibilities for healing. I had never experienced a session like the first one with Helga and all of the following sessions. Helga works with the energy body about a foot above you. This was surprising to me because I felt sensations just like touch and found my body moving, twitching, waves of emotions coming from within. All the while this is happening I felt wrapped in a cocoon of loving warm energy!

I have noticed when working with Helga that she tunes into what is happening inside me so well that she finds deep layers that I did not notice or pay attention to. It is as if she acts as a tour guide showing me things about myself I was not aware of. Every session I feel more familiar with myself. This is a gift. Thank you Helga!

Helga also did work on me a few times by sitting across the room and tuning into my healing intentions. This turned out to be just as amazing, so when she moved across the country, she asked if we could do a distant healing. I must admit I was a bit skeptical that I would notice too much from thousands of miles away. I was really wrong! I experienced the same intensity of feelings that I had when she was in the room! The effects last days, sometimes weeks. I truly believe that Helga is a master, her level of work is so intuitive, loving, focussed. It has to be experienced to describe. I recommend Helga for any one needing a higher level of healing, the effects last increasingly longer and she totally eliminated a tinnitus problem I had for years with just one treatment. That alone has made a huge impact on my life. I will give Helga permission to give out my e-mail address if you want to know more.

Brian Taylor, Salt Spring Island

Helga's intuitive energy work was pivotal to supporting release of my past and grounding the next steps in my personal vision for planetary healing. It helped me retrieve a part of my soul that will allow more flow into this next stage of my life and intentions. Having lived many years as healer myself I have experienced that she is a Lightworker who brings a very high vibration to the focus of a session.

Nancy Dancing Light Sherwood, Nova Scotia