Core and Cellular Transformational Healing

This is a powerful, highly transformative form of healing that was developed by Ger Lyons,  an international spiritual healer/teacher, modern day alchemist and seer from Ireland. I have done spiritual healing work on myself for a long time, but since attending many of his workshops and trainings in the last four years and using CCTH in my everyday life I have experienced profound change and accelerated healing. I am excited to offer this form of healing to you.
In a Core and Cellular Transformational Healing session a safe and sacred space is created in which I open up to a high transmission of Divine healing energy, which is pure love. This love has a deep intelligence and works on a cellular and core energetic level, seeking to expose and release all that is not based on love. In this work I intuitively receive guidance to assist in the process.

In our cells we all hold memories of past trauma, shock and intense pain. In response we place a protective blanket around this pain in order not to feel it.  Any unexpressed emotion from our past restricts the flow of energy and over time may affect the physical body and our health. From painful experiences we create limiting beliefs and make unconscious decisions about life that protect us from further pain, and restrict our expression in the present. This may show itself as mental or emotional patterns and situations repeating themselves over and over again. Often we are unaware of what we are carrying on deeper levels, yet we are affected by it on a daily basis. Over time we can become more and more disconnected from who we are, our purpose and a life fully lived. We carry this with us until we become aware of it and wish to change. In order to heal ourselves and unlock our gifts and true potential, we need to unravel and release any old trauma, programming and mindsets that we have adopted from our parents, environment and our culture. This may even include our ancestors, as we often carry their unresolved issues which may also need to be expressed, released and healed.

As a channel, I plug into this sacred energy and allow it to do its work and guide me. Divine energy has an intelligence of its own, working to uncover and release old traumas that a person is ready to let go of. This creates space for something new, enabling us to connect to the deeper core of who we really are. In a session you may experience heat, tingling or vibration as the Divine healing energy is melting down and releasing blocks, stagnation or trauma. You may temporarily experience old emotion or pain in the body as past trauma resurfaces and lets go. This is normal and can be part of the purification process. The Divine energy continues to work after a session until the change is fully integrated. Any changes are permanent.

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